Work and Live in Mauritius

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Mauritius is an attractive place to work and live thanks to its tropical temperatures, appropriate time zone (0 to 4 hours with countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe) and stable political environment. It ranks first in the African continent in terms of ease of doing business based on various surveys from international organisations. Mauritius has progressed to a middle-income country as a result of good economic performance. This position has been achieved through sound and consistent policy decisions such as sustained investment in infrastructure and human capital. The country enjoys a credible and independent legal system, with the Privy Council of the United Kingdom being the ultimate Court of Appeal. With no foreign exchange control in place, cross border investments and transactions are made simple. Mauritius resident entities and individuals enjoy a friendly, simple and fair tax system.

In an effort to diversify its economy and attract foreign talents, the Government has enacted a number of schemes that allow foreigners to work and live in Mauritius.