National Budget 2019 – 2020

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The Honourable Pravind Jugnauth presented the Mauritius National Budget for the fiscal year 2019 – 2020 on 10 June 2019, his fourth and last Budget presentation before the forthcoming General Elections.

The Hon. Minister of Finance presented a social Budget with a wave of measures to strengthen his electoral support. Themed as ‘’Embracing a brighter future together as a nation’’, this Budget is a continuation of the previous year’s Budget, with an intensification of social measures targeting a wide cross section of the population, from public servants to workers at large. The Hon. Minister of Finance, however, justifiably resisted to the temptation of matching pension with minimum wage level, a measure which was passionately debated by the civil society ahead of Budget Day.

For his fourth Budget Speech, the Hon. Minister of Finance, unlike in the previous year, did not announce any significant fiscal changes. Several amendments will be made to the revenue laws to improve tax compliance and administration, tax transparency and streamline certain provisions.

The main measures of this year’s National Budget have been highlighted in our brief for your good reading.